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Do you have a price list?


No, we don't. All prices are quoted on application and tailored to suit each clients need, timeframe, cracker size, cracker gift and cracker quantity. For a quote please email us at


Frequently Asked Questions




Can I supply my own gifts/vouchers & design?


Yes, you can. We only make to order. Clients can supply their design for the cracker as well as their contents.


What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?


Our MOQ is 100 crackers if supplied in bulk, but if required in boxes of 6 (ready for retail) then our MOQ is 100 boxes of 6.


How do I start the design of my cracker?


To save you time and money we only advise you to start the design after you have agreed prices with us. We will then send you the template for you to commence the artwork and send it back to us for final approval and confirmation of costs.


It is my wedding, can I personalize my own wedding crackers?


Of course you can. That's what we do here: Customized bespoke crackers, tailored to our clients need. Have a look on our wedding crackers page or email us your questions at



Can I choose different ribbons for my cracker kits?


Yes you can. After placing your order online please email us at   and follow up by calling us on 01949 844 859 to ensure that we have received your request.


Do you deliver to other countries (i.e. USA, Australia etc.)


Yes, we do! The carriage charge will be calculated as per destination, weight & size of the parcel, so please enter the address and let the system work out the costs before you commit to pay.


Where are your crackers made?


All our crackers are produced in our Christmas crackers factory in Bottesford, Nottinghamshire, UK - We do not import any crackers from the far East. All our Christmas bespoke crackers are made in Britain and all made to order only.


What are the size of the Christmas crackers?


A standard Christmas cracker size is 12" (or 30cm) approximately with a 2" (or 5cm) diameter. The central barrel is about 9cm long. We have different size crackers ranging from mini to jumbo size crackers.


I am a retailer. Can we brand the packaging for the crackers with our store logo?


Yes, you can. MOQ is 250 Boxes of 6 crackers if you want to brand the outside of the packaging. Please email us your requirements at  and we will advise you further.


Are branded crackers expensive?


No, they are not. Just think we are making a cracker exclusively to you (or your company). You can send us your custom design to print on the cracker and fill it with your own gifts or merchandise. If you were to order 100 bespoke Christmas cards with envelopes or personalized postal tubes then it would cost you considerably more especially if the quantity is low (e.g. 100 units). As the quantity increases, prices come down exponentially, it may also depend on the size of the cracker, its packaging details, levels of embellishments, gifts inside, etc.

Therefore it is not expensive. It is just a prime and unique product which differentiates your company brand or events from the traditional cheap and cheerful Christmas crackers. Please feel free to call 01949 844 859 (UK) or email us your questions at


How do I make a DIY cracker?

When you order a DIY cracker kit, the order will contain instructions. To make it even easier we have created a few How-To videos on our YouTube page.

If you have further questions please feel free to call us on 01949844859 (UK) or email us your questions at

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