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Celebrate Christmas safely this year with our new Long Christmas crackers!


Each cracker is about 1-metre long by 6cm Diameter


The central barrel is 70cm, and the diameter is 6cm. It is a hexagonal cracker. It can accommodate quite a good selection of small gifts, mini drinks, chocolates, scarf, cosmetics, small toys, socks, etc.

Your tiems should be less than 6cm Diameter to fit inside these Long and thin crackers.


It is available flat, with a strip of double-sided tape for you to seal and assemble as required. 


Ribbons, snap, hat and joke included. If you want to buy small toys/Novelty, go to our Cracker Accessories page and order from there.


To watch our How-To video for this cracker, follow the link;

Long & Thin Jumbo Crackers - 1m Long x 6cm Diameter

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