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Product Code: SIZE Sample of Crackers


Whether is for Wedding or Christmas, you can order a sample of a cracker so you can see the product before buying.

Please note these samples are either plain colors (e.g. Kits for weddings) or of branded crackers from past orders.

The main purpose of ordering a sample is for you to see the printing quality and the size of the cracker.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an order to print a sample cracker with YOUR logo/Name on.

Feel free to add comments on the optional text box if you want ribbons in a particular colour as well.

Samples are normally sent flat for you to assemble as required, unless agreed otherwise.


Any questions please email or call  01949 844 859 (Mon-Fri 10-3pm)


Sample Size

  • Sizes available:

    Jumbo size 4: 58cm Long by 13cm Diameter. CB  27cm L

    Jumbo size 3: 62cm Long by 11cm Diameter. CB 22cm L

    Jumbo size 2: 45cm Long by 13cm Diameter. CB 17cm L

    Jumbo size 1: 43cm Long by 9cm Diameter. CB  17cm L

    13inches BG:   34cm Long by 6cm Diameter. CB 12cm L

    12inches L30:  31cm Long by 5.5cm Diameter. CB 12cm L

    10inches CLS:  26cm Long by 4.5cm Diameter. CB 7cm L

    8 inches Mini:  22cm Long by 4cm Diameter. CB 9cm L




  • Bespoke crackers can't be ordered online 

    MOQ applies - At least 100 crackers, printed CMYK, and filled with contents supplied by you

    Please email    for a QUOTE



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