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Who says crackers should be round?

Crackers were invented by confectioner Tom Smith in 1847, who made them to be fitted around sweets and chocolate.

However traditions change and more than chocolates can be popped into a cracker. Gifts of all shapes and sizes can be added such as small bottles of alcohol, socks, scarfs, engagement rings ...... just about anything! We create crackers to fit just about anything!

Hexagonal crackers, mini cans of pop and small bottles of wine fit well in to these.

Jumbo crackers, there isn't much you can't fit into one of these!

At 1 meter long, this cracker can fit lots of small gifts such as socks, keyrings, mini cans / wine bottles, sweets etc...

A square cracker, this is great for creating those sharp, organised looking tables.

A rectangular jumbo cracker, doubling up as crackers within a cracker, Russian doll like. A gift that keeps on giving.

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